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Wicker Furniture – A Know-All Guide

Wicker furniture is basically made from rattan. This is a sturdy naturally occurring material. This kind of furniture is best suited for outdoors. They are durable and long-lasting requiring little maintenance. Synthetic plastic is also used nowadays to make this kind of furniture.

furniture stores richmond va atum din 1024x649 Wicker Furniture – A Know All GuideThe word ‘wicker’ is often misunderstood. To many individuals, wicker means a particular material. They are of the opinion that wicker furniture is actually made from only natural material. This is partly true. It is made from rattan and specific kinds of bamboo which are all naturally occurring. Rattan is a vine that grows in places that are both dry and warm. Though initially hard, it softens on heating. This property of rattan helps in the weaving process to form different shapes. On cooling down, rattan hardens again retaining the shape.

Knowing the Benefits

This kind of furniture has numerous advantages. Firstly it looks amazingly natural and perfectly suited for both outdoor and indoor spaces. Most people prefer to keep them outdoors wherein it creates a good ambiance. The naturally made easy chairs made from these are a joy to use. People who are conscious of the environment always opt for wicker furniture over others. Some people even use them in every room of their homes leaving the impression of a wicker theme throughout.

Another important advantage is durability. This is a big plus. Wicker furniture is mostly made from rattan which is known for its strength. The sturdiness of rattan has been known since ages. Hence, the products made out of them carry the same lineage. High quality ones last for more than 15 years. Maintenance is very minimal and in most cases not required at all. They are part of all weather furniture as they can withstand varied types of weather. Be it snow, shine or rain, with wicker furniture there is no complain. Even if they have been exposed to water, you should make it a point to dry them out completely. This will prevent mold attacks. When dusty, any cloth can be used for cleaning and they will be back to looking new.

As mentioned earlier, this is sturdy furniture and hence, pretty safe for kids too. Wood furniture can induce accidents when small kids clamber about them. It is not so with wicker furniture, they are much safer. Another important feature is that they are very light and anybody can easily carry them around. Getting sturdy, stylish, safe and lightweight material is no easy task. Wicker plays the role to perfection. Nowadays, furniture stores sell wicker furniture made of synthetic plastic too. It is quite classy and affordable besides being long-lasting just like the ones made from rattan.