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Street furniture refers to the items of furniture that we see on the streets at present times. Designed to keep people safe, add to the beauty of the street and make it easy for people moving about in the streets, street furniture keeps the area safe and tidy. While the traditional street furniture was just a few furniture items, there are many types of street furniture that is available today.

Street furniture refers to the furniture we see on the streets. These not only include the benches and lamp posts, but also the pedestrian protection, the litterbins and even cycle stands. Good street furniture keeps helps keep the streets safe and looking tidy. More care goes into street furniture than people actually realize. The street furniture definitely adds to the beauty of any neighbourhood. Introduced by the Romans, street furniture essentially consisted of milestone markers, tethering posts and horse troughs. Over a period of decades, the trends in street furniture have changed to include what we see on the streets these days.

Has it changed?

furniture stores richmond va 2012020713285924778980 STREET FURNITURE: FROM THE TRADITIONAL TO THE MODERNTraditional street furniture included pieces of furniture that were linked to means of transport. With the advancement in technology, newer forms of street furniture, such as bollards, became more popular and could be seen on many streets. Bollards helped keep the pedestrians safely away from the vehicles that were drawn by horses and also protect the buildings from being damaged as well. The lamp posts as we see them now, was initially a simple oil lamp, placed to illuminate areas where crime was rampant. Soon, the oil lamp was replaced with the gas lamps, in the early nineteenth century. With the introduction of the railways, furniture for seating purposes soon became a necessity as well. Many streets also had litterbins as early as the early nineteenth century. In many places, the street furniture is a part of their local history, like the telephone boxes in Britain.

Modern times have led to the development of many different kinds of street furniture. Modern street furniture now includes, apart from the traditional street furniture, barriers and gates, cycle shelters and stands, posts and rails, display cases, finger posts and signages, planters and tree protection, traffic signs and lights, fire hydrants and more. The street furniture of present time is usually made from steel, cast or wood. Many street furniture manufacturers also use polyurethane, polyethylene and concrete to make quality street furniture that are durable and easy to maintain. In current times, many street furniture manufacturers are also introducing street furniture items that are ergonomically designed. Many furniture items are also pieces of green furniture.

Each piece of street furniture is specifically designed to help people move about in the street safely. While having a decorative appearance, each of these furniture items are designed to meet a specific need as well. The presence of street furniture contributes to the style as well as the comfort of the people in the area.