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How to Protect Patio Furniture during Winter?

Patio furniture is the most prone to natural fury. It is also the most susceptible to damage and abuse. Taking good care of them especially during the winter season is very important. They can be shifted indoors or covered with protective sheets that can be obtained from the furniture store.

furniture stores richmond va 123 1024x768 How to Protect Patio Furniture during Winter?Winter is the season when most furniture loses its sheen. The patio might just be the ideal place to sit with family and enjoy the snowfall. However, winter can be uncomfortable both to your body and your furniture. Most people prepare for winter months by removing susceptible furniture indoors from the patio. This is done to secure it from the harsh cold. Even the best of furniture can deteriorate when kept too long in the cold. You should take care to protect your stuff. The damages caused will be severe and you may even have to replace your patio furniture once winter is over. Proper maintenance is a must for long life. The patio furniture can be protected easily. These come in different types of materials like metal, wood, wicker, plastic and fiberglass. Each kind requires a specific kind of protective method. Wooden furniture will not last long when exposed to moisture. Metal is prone to rust. Wicker can get softened with water. When the furniture is large sized, moving it in and out is not advisable.

Few Essential Tips

Before you actually store them, you should first clean them thoroughly. This will prevent stains. You should then ensure all the furniture is completely dry before your store them. Even small wet spots can cause dangerous mildew and rusting. You need to store them securely in a separate room that is a bit isolated. This will prevent dust and moisture effectively. In case your furniture is simply too big to move, then it is best to cover them using protective sheets. These covers are available at most furniture stores. They can be obtained in various sizes to protect tables, benches, loungers, recliners and the like. Invest in good quality durable covers that are sturdy and moisture resistant.

High quality furniture once bought lasts for nearly a decade. This long life is very much dependent on maintenance. If you want to maintain its quality, you need to take precautionary measures. Even all weather furniture deteriorates when exposed to the cold wind. The important aspect is to periodically paint or polish them. This will keep their shine last longer. The furniture dealers will themselves offer expert advice on preserving furniture. Some even offer periodic maintenance. The furniture present indoors requires lesser care when compared to those present in the patio. This is the reason why it is best to go for high quality branded furniture.